The Journey Home

We’ll do this all again,
someway, somewhere, some-when…

Homeward Boundless

I am homeward unbound, full of colors and sound, mountain and valley. See you soon aspens, with yellow-gold hues, skies with infinity blues, rolling clouds into forever-ness. Fire and snow. Work hard, save money, pay of indebtedness. Avert rear-view mirror gazes. Regression progression. Contrast. Focus on mountains, plains, and front ranges – homeward boundless. Understand pattern and process. Understand myself. Am I demonym, word, or philosophy? Something more, something less, emergent? The evolution of a man. I will I can. Mirror Mirror. See you soon Coloradan.

A carved-up Aspen tree at the Kenosha pass scenic turnoff over South Park, Colorado.

Memories of past loves. A carved-up Aspen tree  is resplendent in fall colors at the Kenosha mountain pass scenic turnoff above South Park, Colorado. October, 2014. Elevation,10,000 feet.

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