The Birth of a Storm

Storm 3-28c

The birth of a storm is a fascinating thing to watch. When atmospheric conditions are right and some sort of outflow boundary, dry-line, or front interacts with warm, humid, and unstable air – fireworks happen. Cumulonimbus clouds seem to just explode out of thin air. These pictures are from my cellphone, and capture the birth of a thunderstorm in spring 2014 near McKinney Texas. The storm formed just before sunset out west of Highway 75 (probably over Frisco, Texas) north of the DFW Metroplex and moved off to the East as night fell. It featured a brilliant lightning show that lit up the night. Due to its timing and location on an otherwise clear evening – it was very photogenic and viewers submitted pictures of it to the TV news. It remained below severe limits, but if I recall correctly, did drop some small hail north of McKinney. Enjoy!

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