Hey. This blog is my electronic repository for thoughts, musings, smartphone photographs, and records of my travels. I intend for it to be something of a mental and physical travelogue, public diary, scrapbook, and personal social media account. My evolving definition for geography is the study of places, and this blog is also a record of my love affair with my home state of Colorado. There will probably be some random city planning ideas thrown into the mix as well. Ultimately, it is a record of to be me; my life journey as a child of Los Angeles, Austin, and my hometown, Loveland, Colorado. I am a sometimes planner, educator, and geographer; a sometimes lyrical and prosaic writer; a sometimes musician; a sometimes photographer, an always mosaic; a sometimes eclectic and eccentric, often unusual, always me. Colorado Hans.

Music is a big part of my life. I have played with a lot of talented musicians in several indie bands. Here is my Soundcloud page of individual and collaborative work: https://soundcloud.com/texhans





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